Only Love Will Crash Your Relationship/Marriage

One would say “Oh Michael have gone nuts, how could he say this” Chill let me take you somewhere.
Have you ever seen a Romeo and Juliet kind of couple that could not have a peaceful relationship? Maybe you have not. Have you ever seen a victim of domestic violence not ready to leave the relationship? Maybe you still have not seen.
Do you know why you suffered so much in your previous relationship even when you and your Ex loved each other so much? It’s because all you two could share was just “Love” yes you heard me right, just love. There was no understanding between you two, neither was there tolerance, nor proper communication. Look, thinking that because you have got love for each other therefore you got nothing to worry of is like setting a time bomb which may explode anytime.  Human beings are full of flaws though fresh love covers the flaws but stale love exposes it all. Like they say “Love is blind but marriage always heal the blindness”. Yes marriage will always heal the blindness when you can not understand the fact that your partner is an imperfect being. Marriage will always heal your blindness when you fail to tolerate his/her imperfections. And marriage will always heal your blindness when you fail to have a proper communication with your partner. Assuming he/she knows it all will only frustrate your expectations and as well attack your love for him/her. Always care enough to ask, read your partner’s face countenance to know when things are bad. He/she may not be the talking type meaning you’ve got to force some words out of her mouth.
Always make him your playmate, tease him only when he is in a good mood. Sometimes crack a joke with a task performed well but never forget to end the joke by telling him how good he was at performing such task.

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